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1 Bank On  -  依赖, 指望  ( to reply on somebody or something )
I am banking on your help
I am banking on you to help me !
我还得靠你帮忙 !

2 Go bananas -  发怒,发疯   ( to become angry or crazy )
Boss will go bananas when he sees this
   Go ballistic - to become very angry ( 跟上句的意思一样,大怒 )
she went ballistic when I told her

3 形容生气,除了可用 angry,furious,upset,pissed off,..etc 也可用 cross,这字挺好用
Cross  -   生气的,恼怒的     ( annoyed or quite angry )
Don't get cross with me, it wasn't my fault    -    别对我生气,那可不是我的错
Are you still cross with me ?          -          你还在生我的气吗?

4 平时除了用 suddenly(突然间), 你还可用 out of the blue
Out of the blue -  突然间,意外地
why did you tell me all these out of the blue?         -    为何 突然告诉我这些 ?
My boss arrived at my Birthday's Party out of the blue  -  意外地,老闆来了我的生日会

5 rip off  -   欺骗,敲竹竿,骗人的东西   
What a rip off! the toaster oven I bought doesn't work   
   -  真个是骗人货! 刚买的烤箱不能用
That shop rips off the tourists      -  那家店敲观光客的竹竿

6 Face the music     -      承担责任,接受惩罚  ( 这句话可不是面对音乐哦 )
After he was caught with the stolen goods, he had to face the music
 -  他偷物品被抓,他必须接受惩罚  
All of them ran off, leaving me alone to face the music
  -   其他人都跑了,留下我一人受罚

7 take the rap ( for something or somebody )  -  无辜受罚,背黑锅
- to be blamed or punished, especially 4 something u have not done
When things go wrong,he tends to take the rap  -   每当事情出错时,他总是

8 Hit it off  -  一见如故,合得来  (to have a good friendly relationship with somebody)
We hit if off straight away   -   我们一见如故
They hit it off well with each other   -    他们处得很容洽

9 rain check   -  改期,改天再做
Can I take a rain check? ..because I can't make it tonight 
 -  改天行吗?..我今晚有些事

10  stand someone up  -  爽约,放鸽子
Don't stand me up !  -   可别放我鸽子 !

11  我们常用 hurry up!来叫其他人快一点, 其拾还有别的形用词也不错地!
Make it snappy !   -   快点,赶快
chop chop  - 快点  (tell me your story, chop chop ! - 告诉我故事,..快点) 
double up ! - 快一点
make it fast  -  快一点
shake a leg  -  赶快 (shake a leg!..we're running late  -  快点,我们迟到了)

12 退缩英文怎莫说呢?     我们可用 chicken out 或  backing out
Chicken out  -  I was gonna 2 ask Lisa out on a date, but I chickened out at the last minute (我本想约 Lisa出去玩,但最后却退缩了)
Backing out  -  ( Are you backing out ?      -   你想临阵退缩吗? )

13 get the hang of  -  进入情况,得知窍门   (这句俚语可管用,应学起来哦)
You'll soon get the hang of it     -   你很快会抓到窍门的   
It's not difficult once you get the hang of it   - 你掌握了要领就不难了

14 Knock off  -  下班,收工   (to stop doning something,especially work)
Why do you knock off early today?  -  今天为何你提早下班啊?
What time do you knock off work?  -   你甚末时后下班?

15 Call the shots  -  发号施令,控制局面  (to be the person who controls a situation)
Who calls the shots in your home?   -   你家谁在发号施令?